Siemens Opcenter MES: transforming your path to smarter manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is designed to enhance visibility, control, and optimization of production and processes across your enterprise.


Why Siemens Opcenter MES?
Discover in-depth features

Why Siemens Opcenter MES?
Discover in-depth features

Industry-specific configuration

Access high-level industry-specific functionality and configurability modules for complete digitally connected and automated manufacturing operations.

Paperless operations

Transition to modernized operations with electronic records, improving data accuracy and efficiency across systems.

Reusable workflows

Optimally manage and reuse complex process flows seamlessly to enhance operational and process efficiency.

Detailed scheduling

Address specific scheduling challenges with integrated solutions tailored to client-centric requirements.

Advanced analytics

Intuitive dashboards for insightful data analysis and OEE optimization for efficient process improvement.

Flexible ecosystem

Collaborate securely across devices and sites, enhance engineering flexibility, to ensure smooth process management.

Key Benefits

Siemens Opcenter MES:
Your manufacturing, redefined

Accelerate with seamless integration and real-time control over
your manufacturing processes for superior efficiency.

Faster time-to-market

Digital twin technology enhances production speed by linking design and manufacturing, reducing errors.

Improved efficiency

Tackle production inefficiencies during the manufacturing process, while ensuring adherence to set quality and standards.

Improved resource utilization

Enhance resource management that enables reduced waste of materials for higher quality production of manufactured products.

Production tracking

Easily monitor production progress and maintain compliance with regulatory standards to ensure quality products hit the market.

Equipment maintenance

Access and maintain visibility on equipment health to optimize maintenance schedules and ensure production remains undisturbed.

Performance tracking

Utilize real-time data on manufacturing operations and use reports for immediate issue identification and resolution.

How It works

Your guide to Siemens Opcenter MES implementation

Navigate the MES implementation process with precision, ensuring seamless integration and operational excellence in manufacturing.


Execute a simple installation of the Opcenter MES as a standalone application.


Set up manufacturing business processes in Opcenter MES for effortless enabling of paperless manufacturing.


Integrate with other digital systems (ERP, PLM) for a seamless digital manufacturing experience.


Access quick BI reports to improve operational efficiency by leveraging Opcenter MES data.

Join the elite group of manufacturers who have enabled Siemens Opcenter MES into their business to elevate their production to new heights of efficiency and precision

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All-round digital transformation for your industrial operations with custom applications and instant deployments.

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