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Business has fundamentally changed and so should application development. Do innovation and growth right with Mendix and the power of low code to drive efficiency and scalability across your enterprise.


Why Mendix? Top features that empower innovation

Why Mendix? Top features that empower innovation

MxAssist and ML Kit

Harness AI-driven guidance for efficient app development, enhancing precision and productivity.

Collaborative spaces

Foster team synergy with dedicated environments for seamless project collaboration.

Portfolio management

Optimize your application portfolio with strategic oversight and management capabilities.

Cloud-native development

Embrace scalable, resilient app deployment leveraging cloud-native technologies.

App insights

Gain critical insights with powerful analytics to steer application performance and user engagement.

Intelligent automation

Streamline operations with smart automation, reducing manual efforts and errors.

Support and resources

Access extensive support and resources for uninterrupted development and innovation.

Key Benefits

Unlock speed, control and collaboration

Experience the Mendix difference: delivering faster app delivery,
seamless teamwork, and unmatched control.


Mendix enhances productivity, enabling a broad developer pool to create enterprise applications efficiently across platforms.


Accelerate achieving business outcomes with Mendix, significantly reducing development time for faster market entry.


Mendix fosters unparalleled collaboration, aligning business and IT to build applications that meet exact needs.


Gain comprehensive control over application development, driving innovation at scale with Mendix.

Time to value

Leverage visual modeling and reusable components for rapid product creation and stakeholder validation.


Integrated IDEs support a spectrum of developers, ensuring cohesive collaboration on a unified model repository.

How It works

From concept to execution:
The Mendix approach

Mendix simplifies app development, from visual modeling to stakeholder collaboration, ensuring swift, seamless implementation.


IDE is built on a single app model to work seamlessly for citizens as well as pro developers.


Build user experiences on any device and AI-assisted development for complex processes.


Stakeholder collaboration across platforms: share, comment and pair programs easily.


Define user requirements and customize according to designer requirements.


Rapid response with built-in feedback tracking and support for continued integration.

Become part of the elite group of leading enterprises that have accelerated their app development with Mendix, fostering unmatched innovation and efficiency.

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Supporting Documents

Technical Platform Overview
Platform Overview

Product dashboard

Supervisor Landing Page (one stop shop)

View list in 2 ways – Tabular or Summary

Recipe Management Landing Page

List of Recipes, Role Relevant All Transaction Icons, Ability to Filter on any Column, Ability to Personalize grid columns

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