Implementation of Preactor AS for a Battery Testing Company

Multi Fire cell [Plant] scheduling in a single config.



  • Multi Fire cell [Plant] scheduling in a single config.
  • Usage of constraints based on resources/Product types simultaneously.
  • Scheduling orders based on current usage of chambers (Resource Groups)
  • No data for Products, BoM, Demand and supply


  • To have an effective scheduling solution in place.
  • To account for multiple production constraints to generate accurate schedules.
  • To generate schedules as per current usage of chambers (Resource Groups)
  • To train users to use Preactor AS for scheduling.

Present State

  • Imported Resources Groups, Constraints, Orders
  • Configured secondary constraints at resource and order level.
  • Built custom scheduling rules in Preactor to start orders only during on shift periods.
  • Incorporated setup times and move times to generate accurate schedules.
  • Used order/product attributes to schedule orders with similar current consumption together.
  • Trained users to use Preactor for scheduling.
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