Implementation of Opcenter APS and Integration with Opcenter EX 8.x through Connect MOM Interface

Electronics Manufacturing Company



  • Implement the scheduling functionality in multiple factory locations.
  • Sync the Order data between Opcenter and APS.
  • Integration between MES and APS.
  • Freezing of planning board to keep previous plan intact.
  • OOTB Report Customization
  • Transforming of Opcenter output to SAP Atom XML.


  • To have a Solution design for Global level implementations (Multi factory Implementation).
  • To import MTO/MTS Orders and perform scheduling.
  • To schedule the Orders in Opcenter APS received from Opcenter Ex CR (MES).
  • To train users to use Opcenter APS for scheduling.
  • Seamless Integration between SAP, MES, APS and other satellite systems.


  • OOB Opcenter APS Scheduling is been implemented for seamless Integration between SAP, MES and APS.
  • Built custom scheduling rules, Multi planner, customized UI to showcase the Freezing and Unfreezing of scheduled Operation and Built custom reports such as Data Import Comparison Report along with the standard reports available in Opcenter APS.
  • To over come SAP Custom build XML, used inbuilt CN MOM Map and Workflow designer.
  • Used CN MOM inbuilt WEB API to address the communication between many different system.
  • Some of the OOB Integration which not supported has been taken care by providing the Custom solution.
  • For Global implementation APS and CN MOM Packages are built to rolling out the at multi factories.
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