Factory Automation – Auto Recipe Download

Automation framework for a OSAT to download recipe automatically on Process Equipments



  • Automate Recipe selection and download.
  • Auto assigning of recipe to individual SECS/GEM equipment.
  • Removal of already assigned recipe from the equipment


  • Automated system to assign first and then remove the recipe from the equipment.
  • Automated recipe download to minimize human error
  • Automated recipe selection by validating material, tool, process and machine ID.
  • Recipe control system using host to communicate between equipment and MES application.


  • Developed an Automation layer with, - Host Application to communicate with equipment using SECS/GEM protocol, Integrated UI with production process.
  • Host application enforce the process flow order. Ex: Establish Communication -> Check Current Selected Recipe with Recipe Used on Equipment -> If Different, Download Recipe -> Delete Previous recipe from Equipment -> Disconnect from Equipment.
  • Maintain the recipe in a central server for all equipment, use the recipe matrix to find the right recipe for the combination of process step, equipment, material, tool and download the right recipe.
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